Achieving Success in Telemarketing

The art of telemarketing is not simply picking up the phone, cold calling your leads and expecting them to buy into your product or service. On some occasions it can be fruitless work, but once you master the art of engaging and connecting with whoever you’re interacting with on the phone, it can become quite interesting and enjoyable. So, to get you prepared, primed and equipped for action, below are my top 5 tips to get you on the road to success.

  1. First Impressions are IMPERITIVE
    Before you even finish your first sentence, you’ve made an impression- always remember that. If you’ve had a bad beginning to the day, week or your personal life could be better, don’t let it affect your work. Little things such as research on who you’re calling, a script with a few lines for back up and a positive touch can go a long way in having a fruitful and productive conversation with the customer.
  2. Don’t just tell them why you’re better- solve their problems
    Your sales pitch can be all about the money and why you’re product or service is better than a competitor, but every prospect you approach will want to know why your product or service is beneficial and which problems can be solved for them. Yes, you’ve probably got common problems and solutions written down, but every single person’s requirements are different. By adjusting your approach towards your research and the prospect’s requirements, you’ll have a greater chance of closing that all important sale.
  3. Manual dialling was sufficient… years ago
    If you’re manual dialling, you’re already behind. An automatic dialler improves productivity by a staggering 300%, enabling you to save precious time and connect with more leads. In addition, the time consuming tasks such as writing e-mails, leaving voicemails and entering numbers are all done for you. Automatic diallers are at the forefront of telemarketing technology yet they are cost effective too, use this to your advantage.
  4. Know when to admit defeat
    You should also have a few lines for when things aren’t going so good. If the conversation is not going the way you’d like and the contact isn’t interested in what you’re offering, exit the conversation graciously without hostility. Teach yourself on picking up hints and signals from the contact like “Sorry we already have a solution and we are under contact for…”, this response will often result in a dead end conversation.
  5. Finally… always follow up.
    If you find yourself in a similar predicament to number 4, then this will be of use to you. You’ll be surprised in the amount of sales you can make by following up after a contact has declined your offer. A check up after 6 months of previously contacting the lead can be effective, especially if you know who their current provider is. Ask questions like “So how are you getting on” or “Are you facing any problems I can help you with” as this opens doors for you to sell your product or service to solve their problems.


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