Anytime, Anywhere, Any device

Why Use a Cloud Based Predictive Dialler?


By using a cloud based predictive dialler, your business can lower expenditure, improve productivity and gain easier access to analytics and reports. Cloud predictive dialling is carrying the industry on its shoulders, the results that call centres are seeing emphasise this. In addition, cloud predictive dialling eliminates the hardware, maintenance and update costs associated with on premise software.

3 A’s
the core benefits of the solution can be described by the three A’s: anytime, anywhere, any device. Data will be available in real time to workers outside the office from any device that connects to the internet. As agents can work from anywhere, you can hire the best call centre agents possible, leverage remote work and expand your business globally.

A thriving trend we are seeing in the industry is also made possible with this solution; Home working for agents is seeing an increase in popularity and it’s not hard to understand why. The saving on costs and the ability to expand your team globally is proving to be a success for many contact centres. Don’t fall behind, take advantage of the latest, most innovative and cost effective technology for your business.

Manual dialling is no longer sufficient in today’s current climate and business requirements. The results that predictive diallers bring are astounding in comparison. 20 minutes talk time per hour is lack-lustre in comparison to the 50 minutes agents can spend on the phone per hour.

In conclusion, the ability to have agents work at any time, from anywhere and on any device can be the pinnacle change that you make for your business. Consider making the switch today and the results will soon show.

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