How to boost Agent motivation and productivity that same day

Agents can benefit from a little motivation, short breaks or varying tasks. These five tips will improve productivity and motivation in quick succession. Why not try these tips within your call centre, you will see the results that same day.

  • Include agents in decision making and make them feel of value

Involving agents in decision-making processes along with more senior staff will emphasise their importance within the team and how they are a part of planning for success. When call centre agents feel like they’re a valuable and an appreciated member of the team, they’ll be more motivated, engaged and productive.

  • Achievements and recognition

If employees feel that their achievements are being acknowledged, they’ll be more inclined to go above and beyond for the company in future. Praise and appreciation could come in the form of a handwritten note, verbal compliments or a tangible reward, such as a bonus.

  • Rotation of tasks

Allocating small ‘off-phone’ tasks to unproductive idle time can help to boost productivity and profitability.

Larger tasks may be broken down into smaller pieces and allocated appropriately. Ideally, agents should be able to complete these tasks in under 5 minutes.

  • Reward agents with short breaks

It’s important to allow for frequent, short breaks so agents can relax and spend some time away from the phones. This flexibility can help to give employees a greater sense of control over their work, which can in turn keep stress to a minimum and boost productivity.

  • Monitor agents and help them when needed

Intelligent dialler software will provide metrics and statistics on agent productivity and performance, enabling you to identify the agents who may need extra attention or training. Your agents are the first point of interaction, the way they perform and present themselves will influence the success of your business.

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