Tailor made, in order to fit perfectly

Tailor Made Predictive Dialler Solutions


Tailor made suits cater to your individual dimensions. This is the same for our Predictive Dialling solution.

A bespoke Predictive Dialler can be designed and developed parallel to your business’ needs and requirements, allowing you to take advantage of every benefit within the dialler.

When off-the-Shelf doesn’t quite feel right
An off-the-shelf call centre solution will absolutely be fit for purpose for a number of businesses. However, certain companies will appreciate the benefits that come from being able to tailor a solution to fit their exact needs and priorities, particularly when dealing with custom software or industry-specific requirements. Sometimes, going bespoke is the best fit for your business.

Be flexible.
The ability to have your agents working from home or anywhere across the globe can benefit your business immensely. Improve productivity and save on costs as your agents can work from home, or even from the other side of the world. In addition, strengthen your team of agents with the ability to employ the best agents without geographical location being an issue.

Get the most from your agents, at all times
Increase your agent’s productivity by 300% with Autom8 Enterprise. This is made possible with the unique algorithms within the dialler, enabling agents to be continuously talking to customers. Connect to more customers, close more sales and grow your business with Autom8 Enterprise.

In conclusion, A Predictive Dialling solution that is made in accordance to your direct requirements may be more effective than a non-bespoke dialler if you have requirements that an off-the-shelf package can’t sufficiently address.

The flexibility your business can gain from implementing a solution from Autom8 Enterprise will most definitely take your business above and beyond others.

Let us grow your business and see the rewards. For more information about our Autom8 Group products contact us and we are more than happy to help.