Interview between Brian Benson from CrowdReviews and our CEO

Brian Benson from CrowdReviews recently interview Shahad Ahmed, the CEO of Autom8 Group for an insight into our solutions and Shahad’s background in technology. If you’d like to read a quick summary of the interview you can below, or you can watch the full interview here.


How’d you get to where you are today, share that journey with us?

“I was a bit of a geek growing up, fascinated by computers and telephones, I would take them apart and fail miserably at putting them back together again but I got there in the end!

But it was only when I stumbled across an article about making calls over the internet did the fascination with Voice Over IP really begin.

This quickly transcended to larger businesses, multi-site offices and some years later Contact Centres and have never looked back since, I am thoroughly enjoying the journey of leading the innovation in a growing and disruptive technology company.”

What is the size of your average client and what kind of financial commitment is required from them?

“Our cloud based solution is built for all businesses regardless of size, from 5 seats to several thousand seat contact centres our solution is built around your business. Our pricing model charged on a per user basis, you only pay for what you use.”

What makes Autom8 enterprise different from other contact centre software out there?

“Autom8 Enterprise does not just automate your dialling and improve conversion rates, it provides you with meaningful analytics and reports to help you create workflows that improve customer engagement and retention. This is achieved with the use of mediums such as Email, SMS, Voice and Social Media making Autom8 Enterprise a truly Omni-channel solution.” 

What kind of insight can the software offer contact centre managers and agents?

“Our comprehensive reporting suite not only gives you the standard MI but we utilise big data sources to provide you with deeper analytics and trends for your customer base.”

Could you tell us a bit about how you protect your customer information and about your regulation compliance?

“As a business we comply with ISO 27001, and are registered with the appropriate data protection agencies. Our data-centres have G-Cloud status, meaning they comply with government standards and security protocols.”

What’s been the biggest challenge you have faced in your business?

“To stay innovative, ahead of the curve and to constantly reinvent ourselves as a unique platform for contact centres.”

What’s a personal habit that’s attributed to your success?                     

I am on the go 24/7, call me, message me, email me at any time of the day/night and you will get a response. When you show people that you care about their business just like your own, success follows.