Connect and engage with Omni-Channel customer service

Contact centre managers continue to face the most disruptive market conditions in decades. Competition has accelerated; large rivals continue to compete by aggressively buying market share, improving customer service and utilising the latest technology.

Within the Contact Centre, competitors continue to slug it out for increasingly demanding customers who treat products and services as commodities and where customer service is becoming the biggest differentiator. Faced by eroding customer patience, contact centres find themselves in a downward spiral of finding new ways to keep the modern customer happy.

However, there are multiple facilities available for contact centres to improve customer engagement and service, with a modern approach. Our contact centre solution incorporates features that go further than improving productivity and efficiency: you can engage with customers on multiple channels and streamline the customer journey from one single platform.

Customer engagement represents a positive, value-creating relationship between customers and a business. In today’s digital aeon, customers are using various channels throughout their journey, further emphasising the need for Omni-channel customer service to keep the customer happy.

Omni Channel to the rescue

A complete contact centre solution should allow you to see customer information instantly and focus on the conversation, not the channel. Engage greater with customers with this solution: Provide a seamless, frequent and effective customer journey through every channel either self-service or with an agent.

Surprisingly, 80% of businesses haven’t integrated their communications across their channels resulting in a disconnection between the supply and demand for a customer’s Omni-channel experience.