Optimise your inbound call routing

Call routing in your contact centre is vital. If used properly and effectively, you can provide exceptional customer experiences by resolving issues quicker and more efficiently. However, it can cause immense frustration if utilised poorly, essentially resulting in poor customer service and customer churn.

But why are businesses falling at the hurdle of call routing? Most of the reasons behind this is down to the inept, seldom-robust contact centre solutions that are no longer sufficient. Surprisingly, many businesses are unaware of the beneficial technologies available to them and the ease of integration, deployment and ease of use with these technologies.

Here are 4 ways you can drastically to improve call routing in your contact centre

  1. Skill based routing
    Agents will often have different attributes and skill sets to each other, so the ability to direct incoming queries to agents with the applicable skills will reduce customer wait times and enable a faster resolution of customer issues, reducing average handle time. Skill based routing allocates incoming calls depending on a wide range of potential criteria,
    including the following:
  • The number dialled by the customer to reach the business
  • Choices the customer has made through the IVR (Interactive voice response)
  • The caller or caller’s number
  1. Go further with self-service
    Advanced self-service is the most effective way to include skill levels. A customer inputs details such as an account or reference number and the information can then be used to perform an intelligent data look up in the CRM system in order to quickly identify customers. Calls can then be routed much more effectively and high value customers could even be flagged up with the option of being put into a “VIP” queue or routed towards specialist agents.
  2. Route calls to agents that the customer has previously spoke to
    Forcing the customer to repeat the same problem to numerous agents will cause frustration. By routing customers to agents they have previously spoken to, you’re giving the customer a better customer service experience and they build a rapport with the agent. This ultimately means a quicker resolution for the customer and eradicate the annoyance of being directed to multiple agents and repeating the same problem.
  3. Utilise call backs
    Contact centres will have peak times when a certain capacity is reached, which results in a longer customer wait, but offering call backs allow them to carry on with their daily tasks without having to wait in a time-consuming queue. A good contact centre solution will enable customers to choose a preferred time or date to be called back, and even allow them to change the contact number they wish to be contacted on. Customers love flexibility with a quality service: improve customer service substantially with this solution.

In conclusion, call routing when utilised correctly can improve customer experiences and satisfaction drastically by quicker resolutions to customer problems, eradicate frustration and be flexible in the way you support your customers.

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