Take a closer look at the top 5 most commonly asked
questions about the Autom8 platform

  • Is the Autom8 contact centre solution right for you?
    If you are a SME, large organisation or even working with a small team in your home, our contact centre solution provides the capabilities and functionality to grow and expand your business through enhanced productivity, advanced analytical reporting and the ability to use the solution from anywhere in the world.
  • Is there a minimum amount of required agents?
    We believe that to utilise the solution to its full potential, you need at least 5 extensions and therefore we only cater to businesses and teams with 5 or more agents.
  • Are there any specific computer requirements?
    Some people may be concerned about their computers and technology not being fit to run the software. However, to successfully run the dialling solution all you need is a computer, phone/headset and an internet connection.
  • Can I customise the solution to my specific requirements and needs?
    The Autom8 Enterprise solution is fully bespoke and customisable towards your business’ specific needs and requirements. We design and develop the solution in order to suit your business’ work processes preferences, enabling you to reap all the benefits available with the dialler.
  • Is Autom8 fully compliant?
    Autom8’s predictive dialling technology meets full compliance with the latest regulations set by OFCOM (AMD, CLI presentation, drop call rates and TPS).

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