Do you know how digitizing your operations could help your business work smarter? In this article, we will explore the potential benefits of a digital transformation and how you can kickstart this process. It all comes down to leveraging digital tools to improve the overall efficiency, effecitvness, and agility of a business or organization. Let’s explore this further.

What Is A Digital Transformation?

A digital transformation is the process of utilizing technology to streamline and accelerate business processes. If your organizational workflows are bogged down with tedious and repetitive tasks, the implementation of the right digital tools can dramatically reshape your operations for the better. Just a handful of tools can make all the difference.

5 Key Benefits Of A Digital Transformation

Here are some long and short-term benefits of a digital transformation that will materalize over the long-term:

1 – Improved Efficiency

Digital tools have the potential to automate many routine tasks and processes. In doing this, your business will inevitably begin to operate more efficiently. For instance, you can use a Salesforce NetSuite connector to share pivotal customer data between the sales and finance teams in your organization. This is just one example of improved efficiency through digital tools.

2 – Increased Productivity

As you expect, by embracing digital tools that rapidly accelerate workflows, team members can find themselves with more time on their hands. This means you can squeeze more value from your workforce and encourage team members to focus on high-value tasks that align with their unique skill sets.

3 – Better Customer Service & Support

A lack of access to real-time financial data can create bottlenecks for sales teams and prevent them from moving conversations forward with existing customers. Rather than back-and-forth communication with finance departments to source real-time financial data, sales teams can utilize a digital tool like Breadwinner to connect their CRM and payment processing platform.

4 – Greater Innovation

With an abundance of digital tools at your team’s disposal, you can start thinking about new ways to overcome operational efficiencies in your organization. As you begin to explore the possibilities of the many digital tools available on the market, you will inevitably come across different use cases and ways to apply these to specific workflow-related inefficiencies.

5 – Increased Flexibility

Cloud-based digital tools can provide businesses and organizations with tremendous flexibility. SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions typically offer monthly subscription packages that you can cancel at any time – with no lock-in period. Many digital tools also offer usage-based pricing which enables you to scale up and down depending on your needs.

Embracing Integration Tools To Streamline Operations

Breadwinner is just one example of a digital tool that can transform communication and collaboration between multiple departments in your organization. Using Breadwinner, you can integrate Salesforce with your go-to payment processing platform. This tool can connect Salesforce with popular platforms like NetSuite, Xero, and QuickBooks.

Learning To “Do More With Less”

Digital tools and technologies can also help businesses to “do more with less” by automating routine tasks and processes. This enables team members to pour their attention into more important, strategic work. If you use Salesforce and want to explore ways to do more with less, consider taking Breadwinner’s Salesforce and NetSuite integration for a spin.

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