Seamless, consistent and streamlined – Be Omni- channel ready

In the past couple of years, customers have not only flocked to channels like Web chat, social media and online self-service, but their expectations for quality of service across these channels have sky-rocketed. Failing to provide customers with personalised, consistent service across digital channels and traditional voice, provokes customer frustration with negative consequences for business metrics such as retention and revenue. In addition, just adding new channels for the sake of adding them is not sufficient. This has set the customer service industry abuzz with discussions of how to provide the holy grail of customer experience: that is the Omni channel experience.

But what is Omni channel? Omni channel is simply multichannel done correctly and better. It includes:

  • Viewing the Multichannel experience through the eyes of your customer, so that it’s seamless, consistent and contextual.
  • Anticipating that customers may start in one channel and move to another as they progress to a resolution.
  • Deploying the right technologies to make the transition between channels as convenient and enjoyable as possible.

The journey from Multichannel to Omni channel has become increasingly imperative as technologies such as mobile services and social media place increased influence in the hands of the average consumer. Consumers now have powerful computing clout in their pockets with mobile smartphones. They expect to resolve service issues in their spare moments, with instantaneous access to information and a solution. The results of these interactions, whether positive or negative, can be immediately broadcast over social media channels.

A contact centre solution that can improve customer satisfaction, retention and your revenue, through Omni channel, is now an important integration you must consider. Contact centre solutions from Autom8 Enterprise can substantially transform your business, not just through Omni channel, but increased productivity, advanced analytical reporting and more. Give us a call 0333 305 2998 to learn more about how we can grow your business.